Thursday, 13 October 2005

A Complete Disaster

Well yesterday, Wednesday, was a complete disaster!!! The day started with me getting a rejection letter for a job. Tom had said that the company he works for, was hiring practically 99% of applications. So I sent my CV to them, but obviously I'm one of the 1% they wouldn't touch with a barge pole. We were going to go to the Midlands via Oxford for a cup of tea with Lonnie. We got to Lonnie really late at about 4pm because I dragged my heals after getting my fab post - NOT. Steve and I had to go to the post office to post a couple of urgent recorded delivery letters. The post office is in the opposite direction to Oxford so we cut across country and got a bit lost.

When we got to Oxford I popped into the Tesco's near Lonnie's digs because I wanted to buy her a plant for her room as a little present for her and to get some stamps and cash back. We dashed to Lonnie's and spent just over an hour with her as she had a meeting to go to at 5.30pm. We set off for Tamworth and got stuck in all the heavy Oxford rush hour traffic. grrrrrrrr

We got as far as Gaydon, which is only 35 miles from Tamworth our destination, when I realised the dopey woman at the checkout at Tesco's had forgotten to give me my cash back. She'd confused me because she was fussing about wiping up the muddy water that was dripping from the potted plant and when she gave me the stamps, in my mind I thought she had given me my money. grrrrrrrr

Aghhhh! I tried to call Tesco's and got a voice saying "press option 1 if ... press option 2 if you want to be put through to customer assistance". The line just kept ringing and ringing and then it would just drop. Well eventually I gave up trying to call them and was worried I would run out of credit on my phone so we had to turn the car round.grrrrrrrr

We got back to Oxford at 8pm (3 hours later) and pitched up at Tesco's with me spitting nails and Steve limping from my wrath. To cut a long story short we got the £50 quid back. The manager tried to tell me we would have to phone up in the morning and then come and collect the £50 when they had checked the till, but I think she saw the look on my face and the wounded look on Steve's face and decided that particular option was not agreeable to me.grrrrrrrr

We popped in to see Lonnie again as she had finished her group meeting. I suggested to Steve we would get a Chinese takeaway and eat it at Lonnie's, bearing in mind we'd each eaten one bag of crisps and a flake for lunch! But he Steve wasn't having it and said that we would wait until we got home and would heat up the two portions of lasagna I'd dragged out of the freezer when we left for the Midlands hours earlier.

We finally got home to Woodleigh and I went to put the lasagna in the oven only to find the bloody things still frozen. This is the moment I gave up. I poured myself a bowl of "Special K" (which isn't special at all) and took myself off to bed. I never want another day like it, but I probably will knowing my luck these days.

Sorry about rambling on so much. Still it makes for a funny story doesn't it? Although at the time I thought I would go insane...

Tuesday, 27 September 2005

I Hate Computers Sometimes

I'm angry

This post is a bit of a rant I’m afraid, but I just have to get it off my chest....If I had a pound for every question someone asked me about computers I would be rich by now. And Jamie, who is a kind soul and an absolute whiz kid with computers, would be very, very rich. Tell me then, when he has spent ages putting right all the havoc people have created by 'just downloading a cute, free (not) screensaver' onto their computers and it's writhing with virus' and Trojans, nobody seems to want to put their hands in their pockets. This excludes all and any family members & close friends, it's a rule written in blood in our family never to take money from your own kin.....

If you have a problem with you car, you take it to a garage and you pay for the service. If you didn't pay you would be in deep trouble and I'm certain he would show you the door if you turned up again. So peeps, if someone repairs you computer please treat them to either a slap up meal or even.... offer them some money you cheapskates.

Friday, 23 September 2005

Empty Nest

Well both kids are finally at university and Steve and I are on our own, free to do as we please, eat what we like, watch what we want on the TV without feeling old and fuddy duddy.... Why is it then that we are both moping around with a sad looks on our faces? It's going to take a bit of getting used to. I don't like the house, which all of a sudden feels much too big, being tidy and quiet. I went upstairs to Lonnie's bedroom and opened a few drawers, threw a few clothes around and ruffled up the bed. It looks so much better like that!!! I did the same with Jamie's room. Came down stairs and scattered a few pairs of shoes around the hall and took a couple of coats out of the cloakroom and threw them over the banister at the bottom of the stairs. Much more like the house I know and love now.

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