Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Diazepam Fog

I'm blogging in bed today as my body as thrown a hissy fit after yesterday. I've taken my last two tablets of Diazepam and it's knocked back the pain a little bit, I'm feeling slightly mellow and at peace with the world (you've got to love Diazepam). I've just got off the phone to my GP and she's given me some more thankfully. This STUPID horrible disease, Fibromyalgia, can get you down and a lot more research needs to be done on it.

A friend of mine asked me what the pain was really like. I said I could show her better than describe it to her and she said fine go ahead and that she had a high pain threshold. After I gave her a Chinese burn on her wrist and she stopped whimpering she said that she now understood how I felt. She backed off when I said that I was going to do it again in all the other main parts of her body.

For those who don't know what a Chinese burn is, it where you grab the 'victim's' forearm or wrist in two hands, and twist the skin in opposite directions, a bit like wringing out a wet dishcloth!

London was beautiful in the winter sunshine. I walked along the Thames past the London Eye with the sun in my face, which was wonderful. I watched all the tourist taking photo's and soaking up the atmosphere. I guess when you see something all the time you take it all for granted. The London Eyes was stunning back washed by a beautiful blue sky. It really is a fantastic piece of engineering.

QP created by Vicki Acreman (Bubbles Babbles)
Using "True Blue" kit designed by Vicki Parker, "A work in progress"

Thanks to both of the wonderful Vicki's, they are so kind and giving.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Just a Quick Post

Bear by Cutecolors

Just a very quick post to say hi to anyone passing by my little old blog. I had to go to London today to St Thomas' Hospital, (Tommy's) for an evaluation to see if I'm suitable to go on their Pain Management Program at the INPUT clinic. It was a bit of a waste of time as it was just a talk and a Powerpoint Presentation which was exactly the same as what is on the website and in the handouts given to me at my first appointment! It's left me exhausted and in a good deal of pain, OUCH!

I will post again soon, sometime this week. I going to try and get an early night and spend tomorrow resting and scrapping Hurrah!


Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Shropshire Weekend

The views from the Stockbridge Granary where we stayed at the weekend were stunning, here are a few of the photographs I took at the weekend from our bedroom windows.

Thank You

Many thanks to all who sent birthday wishes to me yesterday, it really made my day. I had a really 'wicked' birthday weekend I couldn't have asked for better. I laughed until I cried, ate until I thought I was going to burst and cried because I didn't want the weekend to end.

The 'Granary', was super. All the bedrooms had en-suit and the rooms were beautifully furnished. The only snag was that the place was huge so we were all exhausted having to walk miles to get from the kitchen to the bedrooms!

The weather wasn't too bad on Friday and Saturday and we managed to have a fireworks display on the Saturday evening as planned. We roasted a huge leg of pork and we ate it on soft rolls with homemade stuffing and apple sauce, yum! Then we all piled outside for the fireworks. We asked the neighbouring house if they wouldn't mind if we set off a few fireworks and they said it was okay, but I don't think they expected the show of pyrotechnics we put on, they where awesome. We had only one misfortune when the stick of one of the rockets snapped off and only went up about 20 feet, arghhh my ears are still ringing!

Earlier in the day we went to Ironbridge, Telford in Shropshire, the birthplace of the "Industrial Revolution" and the site of the first iron bridge in the world which was built in 1777-79 by Abraham Darby III and designed by Thomas Pritchard in 1775. I didn't go over the bridge because I have a phobia of bridges! But I did take some photo's and so did Lonnie my daughter. Here is a stunning view of the bridge looking over the river Severn.

Iron Bridge Shropshire, England
I'll post a few more photo later in the week as I haven't had time to go through them all yet.

Sunday was very wet and windy so we decided to stay in, some of us played cards, others just chilled and read or watched TV and kept the fire fed with logs. We all chipped in to make tea as we didn't want to go out into the awful weather.  It's amazing what you can do with a bit of Bree, pate, cold leftover baked potatoes, sausages and onions.  We made a meal for 15 for pennies and there was plenty of it to.

The journey home was hell though as the fields and roads were flooded, trees were down and there were a number of accidents on the road.  It took over three hours to get back to Hampshire.  But it was all part of the adventure and certainly something for us to talk about over supper for months to come.

Next year we want to go to the Cotswold's, we have our work cut out for us though as there will be 19 of us going in 2009.

I can't wait, I love my family so much!


Friday, 7 November 2008

Scrap N Art

Credits:-'Merry Mistletoe' Kit - by Vicki Parker and Chere Nordstrand Designed for Scrap N' Art

This is my little nephew Max who is such a sweet little boy.  I came into the sitting room to find him with a Santa's hat on looking absolutely adorable.

I decided to enter Vicki's challenge at The Scrap Pad over at Scrap N' Art and here is my entry.  I really hope I win her fabulous upcoming kit 'Country Cottage', it look so beautiful.
I used Scrap N' Art's kit 'Merry Mistletoe', go and check them out, it's free to join and you get loads of fantastic tips and ideas plus beautiful kits and Friday freebies.

I off on my weekend break, I'm taking my laptop because I know I will not be able to sleep and I can digiscrap when everyone else has gone to bed.  I'm not sure if there is Internet where I'm going, so I probably won't be on line until Monday. 

Have a great weekend

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Weekend Birthday Getaway

We are going away for a long weekend  next weekend to Stockbatch Granary, Pitchford, Nr Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Here are a few photographs.
It look like we are going to be 'roughing it'  ha ha.  The Granery is set in the grounds of Pitchford House, so we will be searching for long lost relatives as my mom's maiden name is Pitchford.
I hope the weather brightens up and warms up a bit, if not I will be fighting my daughter for the wellington boots.

Problem with png and gifs

this gif works
Can any one tell me how I can use png or gifs on my blog without the background showing up? After all that is why we use this form of graphic, they are supposed to have transparent backgrounds. I have used graphics in previous blog posts and they have had transparent background.  Both images in this post are gifs, one is transparent and one isn't.
this one doesn't

Cross Browser Problems

I was trying to help out a fellow blogger who as huge problems with her blog, and it made me think whether my blog worked okay on other browsers!

So I checked my blog out using FireFox. The only thing that didn't work was my cursor which on Internet Explorer is a cute little daisy. All the other stuff works, but then thinking about it I don't have that many widgets on my blog.

In conclusion; I think it's a good idea if you are going to change your blog layout and add loads of widgets it's best to check at least two of the most popular browsers on the market these days.

I'm off to check out Opera and Safari!
On another note, please, if you have a moment pop over and visit Summer Driggs' Blog. She has a fantastic kit called 'Gratitude', to give away. But more importantly she has a dear friend who's baby needs our help.


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