Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Diazepam Fog

I'm blogging in bed today as my body as thrown a hissy fit after yesterday. I've taken my last two tablets of Diazepam and it's knocked back the pain a little bit, I'm feeling slightly mellow and at peace with the world (you've got to love Diazepam). I've just got off the phone to my GP and she's given me some more thankfully. This STUPID horrible disease, Fibromyalgia, can get you down and a lot more research needs to be done on it.

A friend of mine asked me what the pain was really like. I said I could show her better than describe it to her and she said fine go ahead and that she had a high pain threshold. After I gave her a Chinese burn on her wrist and she stopped whimpering she said that she now understood how I felt. She backed off when I said that I was going to do it again in all the other main parts of her body.

For those who don't know what a Chinese burn is, it where you grab the 'victim's' forearm or wrist in two hands, and twist the skin in opposite directions, a bit like wringing out a wet dishcloth!

London was beautiful in the winter sunshine. I walked along the Thames past the London Eye with the sun in my face, which was wonderful. I watched all the tourist taking photo's and soaking up the atmosphere. I guess when you see something all the time you take it all for granted. The London Eyes was stunning back washed by a beautiful blue sky. It really is a fantastic piece of engineering.

QP created by Vicki Acreman (Bubbles Babbles)
Using "True Blue" kit designed by Vicki Parker, "A work in progress"

Thanks to both of the wonderful Vicki's, they are so kind and giving.


  1. I wish there was some wisdom I could pass your way. They don't know enough about the disease... and they should throw more money at figuring it out. Too many people are afflicted with it. I have tried to research it on a number of occasions. My mom has had it for years - long before they figured out it even existed. I would think the homeopathic community would have found a way to treat it. Wishful thinking! Some say certain foods trigger it, but it all seems to be speculation.

    I hope this bout passes quickly for you.


  2. Hey Girlfriend!
    Sure hope you get to feeling better soon. I like your version of this page better than mine LOL!!!
    Vicki in Texas

  3. I had diazepam for my back pain once - it truly is great!! ;-)

    Big hugs xxx

  4. Hi Susie,

    Just checking in to s say hello. I sure hope you are feeling better.

    hugs from across the pond


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