Friday, 27 June 2008

My daughter Lonnie aka Smudge & her boyfriend are on holiday in Sri Lanka, not the best choice to go if you ask me, as there are problems with civil unrest. But then I'm a middle aged worry wort! I do worry about her terribly and miss her so much. Sri Lanka is 5+ hours in front of the UK so she will be tucked up in her hotel room safe and sound thank goodness.

QP by Anita - Nana's Attic
Word are by Bethany - Elegant Wordart

Bubbles, if this is one of your QPs made from one of Anita's Kits then credit goes to you as well, if not, well thanks anyway because I love your blog and you give so many freebies away to us lesser gifted scrappers. Mwa Mwa.

Hugs to all

A Little Something

I've been playing around with PSP and came up with this little star with the words of Pamela Vaull Starr edging it.

“Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.”

what do you think? You are more than welcome to use it for scrapping if you so wish.

You can get it here
See you later

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Oh Dear

It's been a bad week all in all. My wonderful Mom was taken poorly last week and has spent a week in hospital. She's better now and has finally been allowed to come home.

I was on my way to visit her in the Midlands today when I stupidly backed over my luggage. Well it was my vanity case and handbag actually. I've trashed my camera, broken my perfume, crushed my make-up, ruined my glasses, crushed my phone !!! The weight of the car squeezed out half a bottle of body lotion (expensive body lotion) and it all got mixed up with broken glass & perfume, it was a right mess, The count so far is £682.81 ($1,357.42) in damages, I'm a plank aren't I?

Then in the evening I left the freezer door open. Made parsley sauce to go with steak instead of pepper sauce. I also forgot to light the gas under the pan when I finally made pepper sauce...... what am I like?

I think I will wait until the weekend and go up for a flying visit with Steve, he's a much more confident driver than I am these days. They say use it or lose it and I don't drive enough, so I've lost my confidence. I will work up to a longer trip, I think taking on a 260 mile round trip was a bit too adventurous.

I'm tucked up in bed now feeling safe and warm, typing away on my little old laptop, absolute heaven!

Here's some of the things I trashed :(

Tomorrow is another day.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Father's Day 2008

We had fun on Father's Day this year. Steve loves cream tea's so that's what he had. I also cooked him a roast beef dinner with all the trimming which went down a treat. I think Steve liked his presents, one of which was the DVD, 'I am Legend', starring the luscious Will Smith .... pause to drool. Later we played Monopoly for 4 hours! Lonnie won as usual, I'm going to rename the game Lonopoly from now on.

Here's a page I scrapped using the beautiful kit, 'Blue Earth', created by the very talented Vicki - A Work in Progress.

Bye for now peeps

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Fed Up

I'm fed up! I've been struggling all afternoon to try and create something, anything, with Adobe Photo CS, it's just too hard. I think I'm going to stick to Paint Shop Pro, then I will have something to show for all of my efforts. I wish I'd gone out into the garden and pruned a few plants.

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