Friday, 27 June 2008

My daughter Lonnie aka Smudge & her boyfriend are on holiday in Sri Lanka, not the best choice to go if you ask me, as there are problems with civil unrest. But then I'm a middle aged worry wort! I do worry about her terribly and miss her so much. Sri Lanka is 5+ hours in front of the UK so she will be tucked up in her hotel room safe and sound thank goodness.

QP by Anita - Nana's Attic
Word are by Bethany - Elegant Wordart

Bubbles, if this is one of your QPs made from one of Anita's Kits then credit goes to you as well, if not, well thanks anyway because I love your blog and you give so many freebies away to us lesser gifted scrappers. Mwa Mwa.

Hugs to all


  1. Kids keep us worrying..especially as they get older and go out into the big bad world!! Lol! But that's what being a mum is albout I suppose..caring.
    Thanks for your kind words on my blog.

  2. Beautiful LO Susie - I assume Smudge is back by now safe and sound? Sorry, I've not been by for a while - it's been hectic here!! Big hugs x

  3. Hi Susie, thought I'd pop over & browse your work. Boy it's wonderful, your pages are fab & you're obviously a very proud mother of 2. It's nice to hear a mother speak so well of her children. Hope your daughter enjoys her hols...

    Lorraine xxx

  4. Darling Susie! The language on what my blog is my ointment: Hungarian .. I am glad that you express an interest in it! :)

  5. Susie is a darling! I know a translator on the internet. I use this because I am not top notch in English... summer holidays which are pleasant for you!
    I hope for it well translates! :)
    With a greeting Noémi



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