Thursday, 13 September 2007

There Were Good Times and There Were Bad Times

Well .... let's start with the good times.

The summerhouse is coming together nicely. I've started painting the accent colour and it is looking less like a scout hut now. I found a beautiful rug in Lara Ashley and I love it. Such pretty colours and it was 20% off in the sale - hurrah. I also bought a yucca as well which had been reduced by £5.00. Whoops talking of which, I will be right back, as I've just remembered I put the yucca outside in the sunshine earlier on and I need to bring it in ... won't be a moment.

... Okay where was I? Oh yes, the summerhouse.

Now the bad times.

When the summerhouse was built, my DH and DS put down a concrete slab measuring 12ft by 10ft. Unfortunately it should have been laid 10ft x 12ft, so I had two huge slabs of concrete sticking out either side of my lovely summerhouse. Over the past 10 years I have done everything, and I mean everything, to conceal these horrible protrusions. I’ve even coated the flipping thing with yoghurt to make it go green to blend in. Well, we decided to relocate the summerhouse on the foundation slab and to cut off the offending concrete, this turned out to be easier said than done.

After an hour of pushing and shoving we managed to get it into its new position. We were now left with a piece of horrible grey concrete about 3ft by 12ft sticking out the left side. DH started attacking it with a sledgehammer, but it turned out to be really good strong concrete and DH got very tired very quickly. Anyway, I'm sure you must be bored of this story by now, 'cus I sure am! So long story short, we hired a heavy duty breaker, the concrete is now at the local tip and the summerhouse is back on schedule, oh happy days.

Bye for now peeps, be good

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Summer House Makeover September Update

Well the kids are back at school so therefore the sun is shining, typical. I've been working on the summerhouse over the weekend and it's coming along. Although at the moment, it does look like a scout hut!!! I've finished the cream painting and will start on the pale green accents as soon as I can get out into the garden. Unfortunately real life problems such as having nothing for tonight's meal stops me from starting as soon as I've posted this blog entry. So it will have to wait until I've been to the supermarket .... (nothing super at all, I hate the flippin' things), but anyhow I digress.

Here are the photo's of the make over so far.
Steve painted some of the ceiling but had to dash off to collect the two kids from the Reading Festival. They were too exhausted to get the train so we, as the kind parents that we are, rescued them. Steve is 6ft (180cm) tall and doesn't need to stand on a ladder to reach the apex of the roof, so he was a real help, to say the least.

Here is proof that I am actually painting the thing myself. I did the two windows and the double doors. I did 3 coats of paint all in all because the windows and doors seem to take a lot of the elements.

I really love painting, I find it very therapeutic. I can only use a small brush as I have very painful hands at the moment, and please don't get me started on my knees and back!!! As I paint I drift off in thought and I seem to be able to just relax.

So this is as far as I've got. I will post a few more photo's when I've done a little bit more painting. As for the accessories, I'm not sure. I would really appreciate some input on the subject. I've found a very small pot stove that I'm putting in it to keep me warm in the winter. I just hope it doesn't smoke me out thought.

Must got it gone 2pm and I'm going to get into trouble if I don't get on.


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