Thursday, 5 June 2008

Fed Up

I'm fed up! I've been struggling all afternoon to try and create something, anything, with Adobe Photo CS, it's just too hard. I think I'm going to stick to Paint Shop Pro, then I will have something to show for all of my efforts. I wish I'd gone out into the garden and pruned a few plants.


  1. Hi Susie - sorry I haven't been by for a while - busy holidaying!! LOL! I hope you are well? Photoshop CS is easy once you get into it, but I know what you mean about swapping software - it's a nightmare at first isn't it? I bet your garden is beautiful after the lovely sunshine we've had recently... Hugs x

  2. Howdy Susie!
    I did not know you had a blog till I stumbled on the link at Vicki's. Hang in there with Photoshop, you'll be glad you did!
    Vicki (Bubbles)


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