Friday, 3 August 2007

I'm No Artist

Just because you can get your hands on paint, canvas and some brushes, it doesn't mean you can produce a reasonable piece of artwork. I am rubbish no matter how hard I try. My family tell me that it's because I have not had any lessons in art. I disagree, I think art comes from the heart, and I think my heart isn't in it. I shall go back to painting sheds I think, I have no trouble doing that.

Talking about sheds, I've decided to 'makeover' my chalet. I want to make it look like a beach hut or something similar. I'll post a few photo's as I go along, here's what it looks like now.

Susie's Chalet

It's a bit tidier since this photo was taken. Steve my DH is going to move the freezer out and put it in the garage the next time we have some good weather! This weekend's weather forecast is looking good so hopefully I can start painting it soon. I can't decide to paint it cream and green or cream and blue. I think I'll go with the green and see how it goes.

I want to be able to do my arts and crafts in it as the little bedroom I have is way to small. It is also lovely and warm as it catches the late afternoon sun and it's a lovely place to sit to watch the sun go down over the church spire.

I'm going to catch up with my emails while I have a few moments before I go to see my doctor this afternoon. I've wrecked my body trying out HRT, something I think you shouldn't take if you have Lupus. (I found that out too late I'm afraid)!


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