Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Shining Star

I scrapped this page using a fabulous kit called 'Doodle-iscious', designed by a very talented scrap artist called Vicki. Check out her wonderful designs over at Vicki's Blog, 'A Work in Progress'.

I've called my daughter Smudge for as long as I can remember. I don't even know where it came from, really ... although I do remember she was a demon with her eraser at school and used to rub out anything she had written that she wasn't happy with. Sometimes a whole page was rubbed out, smudges everywhere and there would be little holes all over the page. Ahhhhhh Bless.

Soon I will hopefully post a page I want to scrap of my other ‘Shining Star’, Jamie. I’ve got a bit off brain fug at the moment and don’t seem to like anything I’ve put together so far.

Don’t forget to check out Vicki’s Blog, she is generous as well as talented and has MANY freebies to offer for the price of only a thank you.

Catch you later, I'm off to the shops, as all I have in the freezer is a spring roll and a pack of Naan bread!

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  1. Love the layout Susie - are you ok for me to pop it on my blog? Hugs x


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