Friday, 2 May 2008

I'm a Happy Little Bunny .... Big Bunny!

I've just had a phone call from Steve my lovely hubby, and he's really happy because the 2nd of his exams at Uni has gone really well. I'm really pleased for him as he really deserves to do well, as he studies so hard. He's also just found out that he does have the day off on Monday so I feel quite happy now.

I was Tagged by Vicki from A Work in Progress the other day, I must get around to doing something about it. I forgot all about it until a few moments again, whoops.

I'm still feeling awful from this horrible Pericarditis. It's been a couple of weeks and it's getting worse not better. I went to Asda the other day and nearly did myself a mischief! I should have turned back at my garage door because that's when I started to struggle, but I was silly and battled on. Fortunately Jamie and Lonnie were home when I got back home and they unpacked the car and put the shopping away.

I'm off for a walk around the garden and then I'm going to scrap a couple of photo's. I've got a lovely new kit, Country Elements from Nana's Attic and another called Dandelion Dream from A Work in Progress ....

Catch you later mwah, mwah


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  1. A mischief in Asda? Blimey - I am off to Asda in a few minutes and I'm worried now!!! LOL! Great news about Steve's exam - hope you are having a nice day together today. Can't wait to see your tag answers....
    Hugs x


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