Wednesday, 6 August 2008

'One' Water, a great cause needing our support

I must drink about 1 and a half litres of water a day, mostly tap water because I'm lucky enough to have the wonderful stuff on tap, cool and clean. Many are less fortunate than I am. So when I'm thirsty and can't get to a tap I buy One water. Not only does it taste wonderful, probably because it's Welsh water, but more importantly the profits go to help those who are less fortunate that I. Click here or on the image of David Tennant and you can find out all about it.

By simply buying a bottle of One Water you could help change the lives of 1 billion people in the world who don't have access to clean water. All One Water's profits, every last drop, go to building unique PlayPump® water systems in Africa which improve people's lives by providing free, clean water. With your help they can make a difference and that’s all they’re trying to do.

You can find out more about the work One Water does by visiting there site here.

Thanks for reading, if you got this far, just go that One step further.

'When you drink One water , Africa drinks too!'


  1. I'll watch out for One Water..sounds a great way to help on a vital issue like water that we so often take for granted.

  2. Hi Susie - hope you are well - just passing by. Big hugs xxx


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