Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Follower Widget - GONE

I've decided to take off the Follower Widget from my blog. I don't much like My Space or Facebook because of the constant need to tell everyone how many friends they have. I don't like to feel my blog is judged by how many people I have following my blog.

I want to say thank you to all who followed my blog. I will continue to visit the sites of the blogs I love and I hope those that enjoyed popping by my little old blog continue to do so.

Big Hugs


  1. You don't need a widget for me to follow you. I know where to find you... LOL.

  2. Ditto what eilajean said! No widget required. Big hugs xx

  3. hi susie,sorry that i did not say thanx when you helped me out,too new to know what is where,my blog about babies and life otherwise love your blogs,i found your page colur soothing.

  4. Your blog just looks amazing. Flower widget is wonderful. I don't know why you didn't like it. I like crafting, gardening, interior decoration, etc. It's good to see them in your blog. Your blog itself reflecting your personality that you are family-oriented and jovial person. I like that kind of people. Keep blogging! By the way, thanks for the comment on my blog.



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