Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Journey

Music:- Simon Webbe No Worries

I was going through some old photographs and I came across a trio of snaps of my son Jamie. The size and quality were very poor, but I still wanted to do something with them. I fiddled around with them in Animation Workshop and then pulled the results into Movie Maker, chopped up a bit of music I liked in Gold Wave and added it to the movie and voilĂ , this is what I came up with it. I had great fun and I really like it because it is so different.

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  1. What a wonderful video! I love Windows Movie maker. It is an easy program to work with and has some really cool features. Sometimes, I work between this program and Nero...although I am not as crazy about Nero 8 as I was about Nero 6. Sometimes upgrade does not equal improved!

    I hope Spring is starting to happen in your world.

    Have a great weekend Susie,

    Polar Bear hugs (it is COLD in Montana)



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