Saturday, 21 March 2009

A New Member of The Family

My nephew Daniel and his wife Charlotte have had a beautiful baby boy, George Daniel Gould.  I remember just how nervous the poor lad was on his wedding day.  I also remember saying to him that if he though this was a trying day just wait until he was awaiting the birth of his first baby.   I wish all three of them well. 
I am delighted to announce the arrival of George Daniel Gould, who was born at 12.43 this afternoon weighing 7lb 5 oz :) Mum is doing OK, bit tired and weak but very happy.  Dad is an emotional wreck and very happy also.'
19th March 2009


  1. how incredibly sweet and beautiful! I bet you are such a great Auntie!!! Hope you are on the mend. I assume the warm weather will help.



  2. A beautiful layout and what a lovely momento of a special time!
    Thank you for your kind words on my blog, they were really appreciated!!

  3. Hi Susie, I haven't been to your site in ages. Congrats on the addition on your family's behalf. I love the photos of babies. I hope thing doing good with you. YOU take care. Nancy

  4. Happy Easter - I hope life is treating you well!

    Big Hugs!!!



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