Saturday, 6 September 2008

Blogger and Google Chrome

I was just wondering if any of you have had any issues posting or editing your blog whilst using the new Google Chrome browser. On one occasion it wouldn't allow me to insert a image, but the next day I tried it did. Then it wouldn't let me move the image to where I wanted it to go. The default position on Blogger always inserts the the image at the top of the post, how annoying is that at the time, and that's not always where I want it to go!

I think I'm going to wait until Google bring out a toolbar for their OWN browser as I HAVE to check the spelling 'cus I'm sad like that! Seems strange that they have a toolbar for IE and Firefox but not their own, don't you think?

Posting in Blogger is great as it has it's own spellchecker, but I always like to check my spelling when I post a comment on any blog I may visit, I would hate to leave a 'smelling distake', on their blogs.
Have a lovely Saturday. I'm off to find my water wings and /or a boat as it's piddling down here in the south of England AGAIN.

Big hugs

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