Saturday, 6 September 2008

Susie2shoes aged 4

You know how it is... the photo's come back and you hate them. Cries of "My nose looks big in that one", or "That's not my good side". Well, I've found the 'one' photo I though made me look great! lol and here it is. I think I was quite cute when I was 4. I actually remember the ribbon and the dress.

Have you got any cute photos of when you were 4 or 5? I think I've seen one of you Vicki when you were a 'ickle' girl.

Catch you later my blog readers .... all 3 of you x


  1. Susie - you were a very cute little kid! I don't think I would have ever let my Mum put a ribbon in my hair!! LOL!! You did see one of me when I was ickle - about 5 or 6 in a photo with my Dad - well remembered!

    I hope you are ok despite the awful weather we're having! Keep positive, big hugs xxx

  2. Hi Susie!
    Love this photo, I see your Mom liked foo-foo, too!
    Vicki in Texas


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