Monday, 13 October 2008

I'm Not a Grumpy Old Woman!

I do find myself whinging about things these days. I don't want to beat the system, I just want it to work the way it was supposed to!

We had a lovely weekend here in the South of England. I was able to sit out in the garden and enjoy the garden and the birds. I spent a few hours whiling away the time fiddling about with templates for Blogger. Does anyone really know why xml code is so user unfriendly? Can't they just call things how they are. For example:- header, left column, right column, footer. Life would be so much easier. I think it's been made far more difficult than it should be, htm was so much more forgiving, and I could just about muddle my way through it.

Still, after a bit of a struggle I have managed to make my blog pretty. I love sparkly mouse cursors and trails, so I've put them on my blog. There is one thing I don't like on my blog and that's music. I spend a lot of hours surfing the net, mainly at night when I can't sleep. I find it jarring to be confronted with other people's choice of music. I get round this little problem by having my sound turned off. But sometimes when I've been listening to the news on my 'pute, I forget to turn it off again, and I jump out of my skin when the music kicks in at 3am, LOL!

click the image or here to go to download
I made this little flower head and stem whilst I was in the garden on Sunday, and I though I would pass it on. It's not much but you may be able to do something with it. The flower is edged with the words from one of my favourite songs by Gabriel, called Sunshine.

See you later ...


  1. Hi Susie - the weather really was glorious wasn't it? We were so lucky (for a change)!

    I totally agree with you on the music on blogs - it frightens the life out of me too!

    Take care, big hugs xx

  2. Hi Susie!
    Loving your new flower cursor, you are so good at this. I haven't been able to get the bubble thing to work for me yet, I am REALLY intimidated by all that code stuff! Thanks again for all your helpful tips.
    Vicki in Texas

  3. Hi Susie,

    I hear you on the whole music thing. I like to listen to my own music through the headphones when I am working. It shuts out the other distractions. Nothing makes me crazier than when I go to someone else's site and their music over casts my own. I have a music player on my page, but I have turned off the auto sound, so if someone wants to listen, they can, but they are certainly not obligated.

    On Allie Brown's site, she has some tutorials on how to put the layouts on your page - it applies to the layouts she has made, but I believe she somewhat explains her process - using photo bucket, in case you choose to create your own. You can also put a background color in so that it is not white around your layout - if you want. Log in to your blog - choose customize - select background and fonts... and select your background color.

    Hope this helps.
    Have a great day!



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