Monday, 6 October 2008

Learning Curve - Adobe Photoshop

I use Paintshop Pro which I love and can create pretty most most things with it.  But a number of prospective employers have asked if I can use Adobe Photoshop, which I'm not too good at, to say the least. I decided to enroll in a Photoshop course this autumn but they were massively oversubscribed and would have had to wait until next spring.  So I decided to invest in a couple of books and teach myself.  I'm quite good at self tuition once I set my mind to it.  That's what I did with Dreamweaver and a few other applications.  The basic course would have cost me £66 plus parking fees and petrol, these two books came to £40.78 so I have saved a few pounds.  Perhaps I can treat myself to some chocolate to help me with my studies.
First Lesson is Getting to Know the Work Area
See you later x

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