Thursday, 16 October 2008

Mojo is back ... I found it in the garden

Vicki AWP suggested that I did a bit of dancing in the garden to cheer me up and help find my mojo!

So off I trotted and was mid 'Mom', (very embarrassing dance produced by the over 50's)
and got caught by my neighbour, who was taking his wheelie bin down the lane! Yikes, I scared him to death but it cheered me up no end, so much so I went in and made some Christmas cards!


Thanks for your comment Bubbles, Vicki & Eilajean I'm back to my old self and ate half a packet of cookies whilst creating the Christmas cards below.

Cards made with Lettering Delights Christmas Angels & Art 4 Craft (a wonderful site full of smashing graphics created by the very lovely Helena who lives in Sweden.

See you later ......


  1. Yay... susie is back on track! Cute cards. I think my fav is the middle one. Have a great rest of the day!


  2. Glad it worked for you. Big hugs xx

  3. Hi Susie - I've nominated you for an award sweetie. Check out my blog. Mwah!


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