Monday, 27 October 2008

Saving For a Rainy Day

I received this gift last Christmas from my dear friend Gill.  I promised myself that I would put a little bit of money in it each day, which have done plus all the bounty from down the side of the sofa and what I have dug out of the washing machine after each wash.  There is always the odd 20p or 50p left in the drum along side the rogue odd sock and a collection of buttons.
Today we had an un-budgeted monetary crisis as my son's 13 year old car needed a part which turned out to be quite expensive. So I decided to raid my little money box to see how much I'd saved.  I was pleasantly surprised to find just how much I had saved.  Needless to say I can now buy the part Jamie needs, and I can still have a girl's night out!  I like this saving for a rainy day idea, I think I will buy my sisters a little money box for Christmas this year, then they to can have a lovely surprise in October.


  1. What a cute bank! Looks a whole lot better than my tacky mason jar! LOL! Isn't it surprising how those little bits of change add up? Glad you were able to save the day!
    Vicki in Texas

  2. Hi Susie,

    In light of current financial strain on the markets, a jar is probably the best place to put your money! I would end that with an LOL, but there is nothing funny about it! I wish hubby would have moved our investments when I first raised the concern over what was going on - before it all crashed. Bye - Bye retirement savings.... but hey, Wall Street is getting some billion dollar bonuses - from American taxpayer bailout - lucky folks! Can you tell I am a little cranky?! Guess I will go stack some more firewood... it takes my mind off it for at least a little while.. :o(

    Have a great day Susie - I will try to post a few photos for you later.


  3. yeah susie,great minds think alike,Obama is the man,they are trying to throw spaghetti on him but it doesnt stick,
    thanx again

  4. dont you just love them,crooked or not they are our inspiration,21 or 40 they will always be our babies come what may,whether they refuse or not because when times become hard they surely will need a shoulder,and of course they will come to you,they wont know it,they come in complaints,they come in a way of seeking adviceetc
    lots of hugs


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