Sunday, 22 February 2009

Happy 80th Birthday Dad

It would have been my Dad's 80th Birthday today, if he had lived to celebrate it. Sadly I lost him 21 years ago when he was just 57, the age my hubby Steve is now. I have so many questions I long to ask him, about his life and the stories he told me as a child, it is such a sadness to me that he's gone. If only he had kept a journal, and then I could read it and possibly have caught a glimpse of the man he was, young and old.

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  1. that is a really beautiful tribute. I unerstand just what you are saying. Thank you, you touched my heart, and reminded me of what is important. You are a special person. I really hope you know that!



  2. Hi Susie,

    It's me again - I stopped in to tell you that you have been tagged. Pop over to my place to see what it is about.

    Hope you are feeling well.




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